Almost 1 Million Works, Free, Online, and Searchable

This entry will be short.  You should check out Kenyon's new institutional repository, Digital Kenyon.  I am just exploring the possibilities of this resource, and this exploration included an informational session with two workers from the company that hosts the site for Kenyon.  That company is BePress, and in a private conversation with one of the workers after the informational session wrapped up I learned about the following benefit of Kenyon's collaboration.

We have access to the Digital Commons Network, a commpendium of free, full-text scholarly articles that you should check out.

The Digital Commons Network was a completely serrendipitous discovery.  I went to the BePress informational session to ask about online journals and how these might be used for my classes or created by my students.  This is something that I must delve into more, and I will post about this at a later date.

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