Turnitin Maintenance Dec. 21 Cancelled

Turnitin's previously announced scheduled maintenance on Sat, Dec 21 has been cancelled. You may go about your grading as usual.

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Pedagogical Maps & Mapping Projects

A number of folks were unable to attend my common hour event last Tuesday (Dec. 3), and I told them that I would write up an executive summary of sorts.  This is that summary.

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Blended Learning Lunch 11/6 -- Topic: Turnitin

The CIP held its monthly Blended Learning Lunch on Wednesday November 6th.  Director Murphy's email announcing this event generated a small flurry of an email thread discussing the merits of and whether we should even use the online service that was the topic of discussion for our lunch: Turnitin.  There are indeed some controversial issues surrounding Turnitin, and the Kenyon faculty members who have raised these issues are not alone in the broader academic world.  Our lunch was billed as an opportunity to see demonstrations of Turnitin's plagiarism detection and grading too

Turnitin Use Growing

Professor Slonczewski asked about rates of Turnitin use during the September faculty meeting. We did see substantial growth in the 2012-13 school year.




Submitted Papers

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Final Report on Essentials Pilot Project Grant: 3-D Printing

Project reports from the first round of Essentials Pilot Project grants are coming in! As reports are received, they're added to the list of Essentials Pilot Project Grants. This is the report from a group exploring 3D Printing as Visual Literacy and Geospatial Thinking.

Dear Members of the Essentials Grant Committee,

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Report from Community-Based Research/Service Learning Workshop

In 2012, the CIP funded activities to support Kenyon's efforts in the area of service learning and community-based research. The report on these activities is available, written by Clara Roman-Odio, Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature, and Director of the Program in Latino/a Studies.

Report from Modern Languages and Literatures Workshop on Technology and Pedagogy

In December 2012, the CIP funded a workshop for the MLL department to discuss the use of online technologies in language teaching. This is the report on that workshop, written by Mary Jane Cowles, Chair of MLL.

If such a workshop would be useful for your department or program, please contact Joe Murphy, Director of the CIP.



Dec. 1, 2012

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Gleaning the History Harvest


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CIP Advisory Board Meeting 3/27

The CIP Advisory Board met on March 27th, 2013.

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Video Lectures and Flipped Classes: Notes in the Raw

These  notes come from Simon Garcia (SG) who also attended the Video Lectures and Flipped Classes faculty panel discussion.  In the interest of time , which I am short on, I will not "flesh out" these notes like I did for my earlier post -- um, by the way, those earlier notes came from Joe Murphy (JM).  These notes are "raw" except I have added information to explain Simon's shorthand, which he can correct me on if he wants to do so.  I also made one correction -- the question by DK at the end was erroneously attributed to KR.

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