Video Lectures and Flipped Classes: Notes from a Kenyon faculty panel discussion

At Common Hour on Tuesday, February 12th, the CIP hosted a faculty panel discussion on the experiences of three faculty members with their efforts in integrating videos into their pedagogy.  The three panelists were chosen because of the diversity of their reasons for working in this digital medium and for their diverse approaches to their work.

The panelists were Ben Schumacher (Physics), Mac McCarthy (Sociology), and Scott Cummings (Chemistry)

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CIP Advisory Board Meeting 1/30

The CIP Advisory Board met on January 30th; we will meet on the last Wednesday of the month for the Spring 2013 semester.

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"Searching for Originality" - Notes from a NITLE Webcast

On January 24th, the CIP hosted a viewing of a NITLE "Shared Academics" webcast titled "Searching for Originality." The speaker was Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute.

Blog_06 - Paleobiology 2013

I returned late yesterday from a short trip to find three Triops, two in one nursery tank and one in the other.  I changed the water and fed them last night, and they were swimming around this morning when I arrived.  Now, however, one of the two together in the first tank has stopped moving, and I fear he's not going to make it.

I have just given them their first taste of the adult food pellets, but I used the new packet for this.  I will try to get to the pet store tonight to purchase some "real" food for them.

Blog_05 - Paleobiology 2013

I have one Triops swimming around in each of my two "nursery tanks."  I am not going to feed these guys the packaged adult food that is under suspicion.  I have not decided whether I am going to feed them the packaged adult food that came with the second Triops "kit" I bought.  I might buy some dried blood worms and/or brine shrimp, which are alternative adult food supplements, from the pet store.

My next post about this will be a critical one.  Will these guys survive to make it to the big tank?

Blog_04 - Paleobiology 2013

Quick entry this time... I have started two batches of Triops eggs this time around.  I have not decided whether I am going to feed each one the (possibly toxic) adult food that I have, but perhaps I can get at least one of these hatchings to survive long enough to be relaeased into the larger tank.  Sounds like a line from a movie: Release the Triops!


Blog_03 - Paleobiology 2013

My Triops have died...again!

Faculty Lunch Notes - "The Changing Nature of Students and Teaching at Kenyon"

On January 17th, Pam Camerra-Rowe, the McCoy Chair, hosted a faculty lunch discussion on "the changing nature of students and teaching at Kenyon". Two major themes developed. First, do our students have the study skills (and life skills) which we expect? If not, how can we help them develop? Second, what can we do about the increasing levels of anxiety we see in our students?

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