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Hell's Bells! Not that question again! (and formulas for assigning grades)

During any given week at least half a dozen ideas for excellent blog topics flash through my mind, and that is generally the end of the matter right there.  Recently I came across a post on someone else's blog that was so good and so similar to my own thoughts on the subject that I decided I had to do something.  So I stole it.  No!  I am just "borrowing" the most relevant portions for this entry.

Almost 1 Million Works, Free, Online, and Searchable

This entry will be short.  You should check out Kenyon's new institutional repository, Digital Kenyon.  I am just exploring the possibilities of this resource, and this exploration included an informational session with two workers from the company that hosts the site for Kenyon.  That company is BePress, and in a private conversation with one of the workers after the informational session wrapped up I learned about the following benefit of Kenyon's collaboration.

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Pedagogical Maps & Mapping Projects

A number of folks were unable to attend my common hour event last Tuesday (Dec. 3), and I told them that I would write up an executive summary of sorts.  This is that summary.

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Blended Learning Lunch 11/6 -- Topic: Turnitin

The CIP held its monthly Blended Learning Lunch on Wednesday November 6th.  Director Murphy's email announcing this event generated a small flurry of an email thread discussing the merits of and whether we should even use the online service that was the topic of discussion for our lunch: Turnitin.  There are indeed some controversial issues surrounding Turnitin, and the Kenyon faculty members who have raised these issues are not alone in the broader academic world.  Our lunch was billed as an opportunity to see demonstrations of Turnitin's plagiarism detection and grading too

Gleaning the History Harvest


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Video Lectures and Flipped Classes: Notes in the Raw

These  notes come from Simon Garcia (SG) who also attended the Video Lectures and Flipped Classes faculty panel discussion.  In the interest of time , which I am short on, I will not "flesh out" these notes like I did for my earlier post -- um, by the way, those earlier notes came from Joe Murphy (JM).  These notes are "raw" except I have added information to explain Simon's shorthand, which he can correct me on if he wants to do so.  I also made one correction -- the question by DK at the end was erroneously attributed to KR.

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Video Lectures and Flipped Classes: Notes from a Kenyon faculty panel discussion

At Common Hour on Tuesday, February 12th, the CIP hosted a faculty panel discussion on the experiences of three faculty members with their efforts in integrating videos into their pedagogy.  The three panelists were chosen because of the diversity of their reasons for working in this digital medium and for their diverse approaches to their work.

The panelists were Ben Schumacher (Physics), Mac McCarthy (Sociology), and Scott Cummings (Chemistry)

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Blog_06 - Paleobiology 2013

I returned late yesterday from a short trip to find three Triops, two in one nursery tank and one in the other.  I changed the water and fed them last night, and they were swimming around this morning when I arrived.  Now, however, one of the two together in the first tank has stopped moving, and I fear he's not going to make it.

I have just given them their first taste of the adult food pellets, but I used the new packet for this.  I will try to get to the pet store tonight to purchase some "real" food for them.

Blog_05 - Paleobiology 2013

I have one Triops swimming around in each of my two "nursery tanks."  I am not going to feed these guys the packaged adult food that is under suspicion.  I have not decided whether I am going to feed them the packaged adult food that came with the second Triops "kit" I bought.  I might buy some dried blood worms and/or brine shrimp, which are alternative adult food supplements, from the pet store.

My next post about this will be a critical one.  Will these guys survive to make it to the big tank?

Blog_04 - Paleobiology 2013

Quick entry this time... I have started two batches of Triops eggs this time around.  I have not decided whether I am going to feed each one the (possibly toxic) adult food that I have, but perhaps I can get at least one of these hatchings to survive long enough to be relaeased into the larger tank.  Sounds like a line from a movie: Release the Triops!



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