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Summer at the CIP!

CIP will be offering three summer workshops this June, and will again hold regular book club meetings. Come join us!
There are also a number of summer faculty workshops and events not necessarily sponsored by CIP; you can see a unified calendar of those events.

Faculty Learning Communities Workshop with Milt Cox

May 30th

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R Users Group

CIP is pleased to announce our support of the R Users Group at Kenyon.

The R Users group is composed of faculty and staff of Kenyon College who use the R programming language in their teaching and/or research. Members discuss nifty strategies, vexing challenges, and shiny new features available in R. Conversations focus on using R and teaching with it, not on the content of courses or scholarship. Users of all levels of expertise are welcomed, but the group is not intended to teach basic R skills.

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CIP Advisory Board Meeting, 10/21/14

The CIP Advisory Board met October 21st. We discussed a couple of ideas which were suggested at a lunch with new faculty members.

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CIP Advisory Board Meeting, 9/23/14

The Advisory Board for the Center for Innovative Pedagogy met on Tuesday, September 23rd. The focus of the meeting was a discussion of topics for programming in the coming year.

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Moodle Help for the Beginning of the Year

If you are interested in Moodle self-help, the most common question at this time of year is "How do I move my old Moodle page so my new students can see it?"  You will find the answer to this question at:

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Turnitin Use Growing

Professor Slonczewski asked about rates of Turnitin use during the September faculty meeting. We did see substantial growth in the 2012-13 school year.




Submitted Papers

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Final Report on Essentials Pilot Project Grant: 3-D Printing

Project reports from the first round of Essentials Pilot Project grants are coming in! As reports are received, they're added to the list of Essentials Pilot Project Grants. This is the report from a group exploring 3D Printing as Visual Literacy and Geospatial Thinking.

Dear Members of the Essentials Grant Committee,

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Report from Community-Based Research/Service Learning Workshop

In 2012, the CIP funded activities to support Kenyon's efforts in the area of service learning and community-based research. The report on these activities is available, written by Clara Roman-Odio, Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature, and Director of the Program in Latino/a Studies.

Report from Modern Languages and Literatures Workshop on Technology and Pedagogy

In December 2012, the CIP funded a workshop for the MLL department to discuss the use of online technologies in language teaching. This is the report on that workshop, written by Mary Jane Cowles, Chair of MLL.

If such a workshop would be useful for your department or program, please contact Joe Murphy, Director of the CIP.



Dec. 1, 2012

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CIP Advisory Board Meeting 3/27

The CIP Advisory Board met on March 27th, 2013.

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