Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Group provides support for Kenyon faculty and students using technology to improve teaching and learning. The group is physically located in the Center for Innovative Pedagogy on the first floor of Olin Library. We consult with the academic community in the following areas:


Moodle is Kenyon College's course management software. It is an open-source software program that assists faculty in easily placing course content on the web where it is readily available to students in the course.  For more information please visit our Moodle page.


Instructional technologists provide group or individual consulting and tutoring for faculty and students on the use of digital imaging and video editing programs for curriculum-related projects. Currently supported programs include:

  • Photoshop CS 
    A leading graphics editing program developed by 
    Adobe. This application enables computer users to create and modify digital images for printing, desktop publishing, and web graphic design. It has versions for both PC and Mac. Photoshop CS is installed on computers in the Instructional Technology Lab, Olin Library first floor.
  • Final Cut Pro 
    A powerful video compositing and editing program developed by 
    Apple. It is a Mac-only application capable of handling a large number of video and audio formats. The latest version of Final Cut Pro Studio is accessible on a Mac located in the Instructional Technology Lab, Olin Library first floor.

Spatial Pedagogy

Are you looking for a map to show your students?  Have you found a map but want to modify it for your specific needs?  Do you want your students to work with an interactive online map as part of a lesson?  Or do you have an idea to incorporate spatial pedagogy into a project or assignment in your course?

Incorporating Video Clips In Your Pedagogy

The folks at have a quick and easy to use piece of software that allows you to produce video clips from DVDs, convert video files from one format to another, make simple video edits, and download online videos.  Both Mac and Windows versions are available.  Click here for more information.

Statistics Software

Instructional technologists instruct and assist in the application of various statistics software on both PC and Mac.

Web Publishing

Instructional technologists are available to consult with faculty to locate and use the best online tools for teaching and research. Such tools include course websites, blogs, wikis, and a range of other online technologies with curricular applications. 

iBooks Author

If you’re considering making an eBook that integrates images and video clips, iBooks Author is a great app to use, and it’s a free downloadable app on Macs. This app enables you to create an eBook in an iBooks format. Click here for more information.

Undergraduate Research

Click here for more information.


Please direct questions and comments to one of the instructional technologists:

Eric Holdener

(740) 427-5817