CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Digital Storytelling Project Fund

The Digital Storytelling Project Fund solicits proposals for teaching projects which explore the process, methods, and outcomes of narrative through digital media. Projects may include one or all of: 

  1. the direct costs of a particular classroom project, such as hardware, software, guest instructor fees, travel costs, or departmental costs associated with team teaching a course,

  2. professional development funds for learning digital storytelling methods at institutions like the Salt Institute at the Maine College of Art or the Digital Humanities Summer Institute,

  3. and/or a stipend to support designing or redesigning a course to incorporate digital storytelling as a core tool.

Grant activities must be complete by May 2019.

Expectations: All grantees will provide a report on their project, to be published on the Center for Innovative Pedagogy website. Grantees are encouraged to issue shorter progress reports during the year, rather than wait to issue a single large final report. Stipends will be paid when the final report is submitted.

Deadline: Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

Proposal Format: A full proposal consists of

    • the cover sheet

    • A proposed project budget (faculty stipends may not exceed $1000 per person. Stipends should reflect individual contributions to the project.)

    • a project narrative of no more than 3 pages (1500 words). Clearly indicate:
      • the mode of digital storytelling being explored,

      • the participants,

      • the specific activities planned,

      • the anticipated outcome,

      • how equipment will be handled in the long term

      • whether stories will be stored and kept accessible through the college, or whether that responsibility remains with the storyteller

      • for community-engaged projects, describe your plans for IRB approval and ethical training for all participants.

Submit the grant cover sheet and proposal narrative electronically to Joe Murphy,