Moodle is a web-based course management system which allows faculty to easily set up interactive online spaces for their courses without having to know how to create web pages. Faculty can upload syllabi, host discussions, accept assignments electronically, send email to their students, give quizzes, and much more. Moodle is also used by many departments, organizations and committees on campus.

Where to find your Moodle course page

If you're looking for: Look here:
Current school year course sites for courses in the catalog

Previous years' Moodle sites

Please see our policy on the retention
of old Moodle sites

Sites for groups such as committees, faculty reviews, and research groups.

To request a Moodle Groups site, please submit the request form.

 In November 2014, the oldest Moodle Archive,, was taken down. To read more about why, read our Moodle Retention Policy. If you wish to retain anything from other archives, please consult this guide on Retaining Content from the 2006-11 Moodle Archive.

In Summer 2016, we migrated to Moodle version 3.0. To see what's new, take a look at the 3.0 new features page at

Faculty Guide

Moodle Basics for Instructors

Turnitin Guide for Instructors

A note on Turnitin - most faculty at Kenyon prefer using Turnitin through Moodle, since it simplifies managing multiple usernames and passwords for both faculty and students. However, it is possible to run your class directly through if you prefer. It is also possible to run only specific suspect papers through Turnitin's plagiarism detection feature instead of requiring it of the whole class. Contact Joe Murphy,, for more information.

Policy on the Retention of Moodle Pages

Setting up Your Course

Reusing Your Old Moodle Course 

Making Your Course Available to Students

Adding Users to Your Moodle Course

Course Activities

A Guide to Different Types of Moodle Forums

Making a Moodle Quiz with Optional Questions

Grading and Assessments

Importing Grades Into Moodle

Getting Started with the Moodle Gradebook

Download All Student Submissions to an Assignment

Upload Multiple Feedback Files to an Assignment

Moodle Assignments, Due Dates, and Cut-off Dates 

What Students See For A Graded Quiz

What Students See For A Graded Assignment

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