Productivity Tools for Academic Writing

Develop ideas into text


  • Link to sources and record your comments on them.
  • Arrange ideas and expand them into paragraphs.

Gingko (free)

  • Outline and expand text.

Trello (free)

  • Arrange ideas and tasks in a virtual pin board.
  • Expand sections, attach files, and set deadlines.

Sketch out issues

Cmap (free)

  • Sort out thorny problems on a concept map.

Set aside resources for a later stage of a complex project.

Track your progress

TeamViz (free)

  • Time your work and give yourself regular breaks.


  • Track your daily word count
  • Show you the patterns in your behavior.

  • Record your progress with any activity.
  • Reward yourself for building good habits.

Remove distractions

Ommwriter and ZenPen

  • Type in a simple, soothing interface.

Block your access to web content and social media during your work sessions.

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