Questions Available through the Online Course Evaluation System

The official Kenyon evaluation questions:

  • The instructor communicated effectively.      
  • The instructor made effective use of class time.      
  • The instructor helped to create a positive learning environment.      
  • The instructor made the course material interesting.      
  • The instructor treated me and my work with respect.     
  • The instructor provided helpful and timely feedback on assignments.      
  • The instructor was available to students outside of class hours.      
  • The instructor was effective in teaching this course.     
  • The instructor challenged me to go beyond my previous abilities.

Optional Questions (Choose from these or write your own, up to 5 additional questions total. Responses to optional questions are shared only with the teacher of the course.):

Numeric Response Questions:

  • I found the reading assignments relevant, useful, and interesting.
    • (Has a narrative followup question: Please add any comments you have on the readings.)
  • How much or how often did you complete the reading assignments for class?
    • (Has a narrative followup question: Please add any comments you have on the readings.)
  • How much work did this course require of you?
    • (Has a narrative followup question: Please add any comments you have on the workload in this course.)
  • The expectations of this course (assignments, grading policy etc.) were clearly explained.
  • The feedback provided on the exams and assignments was both useful and helpful in learning the material.
  • The quizzes, tests, or exams administered in this course were fair assessments of my knowledge.
  • The goals of this course were clearly conveyed to students.
  • My goals and expectations for this class were met or exceeded.

Text response questions:

  • Please provide any comments about this course and its instructor that you wish to make.
  • Which topics or course content did you find most interesting? Least interesting? Please explain.
  • Which assigned reading was most effective? Least effective? Please explain.
  • How did you feel about your contribution to class discussion in this class? Were you able to participate in class discussion as much as you would have liked? Did you feel that participation was encouraged and facilitated by the instructor? What might the instructor have done to enhance or improve your ability to participate in class discussion?
  • Please comment on the effectiveness, difficulty, fairness, and grading of homework, quizzes, exams, papers, and/or other assignments in this class.
  • How could the instructor improve this course or his/her teaching of it?
  • Was this laboratory course valuable and effective in instructing you in technique and experimental approaches common to the area? Did the laboratory experience enhance your understanding of the area? Were procedures adequately planned and organized? Were equipment and supplies available? Were expectations for starting or completing parts of some procedures outside of class reasonable and fairly handled?
  • Did you seek help from the Math and Science Skills Center, a Lead Tutor, the Writing Center, or another formal source of academic support (beside your professor)? Was this worthwhile? Is there anything they can do to improve your learning?
  • What do you like most about this course?
  • What do you like least about this course?
  • What could the instructor do to improve this course?
  • What could you, as a student, do to improve this course?

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