Final Report on Essentials Pilot Project Grant: 3-D Printing

Project reports from the first round of Essentials Pilot Project grants are coming in! As reports are received, they're added to the list of Essentials Pilot Project Grants. This is the report from a group exploring 3D Printing as Visual Literacy and Geospatial Thinking.

Dear Members of the Essentials Grant Committee,

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Blog_02 - Geology 2012

Help me, Erin Salva!

This has to be a first in the history of Kenyon College.  After my lecture this morning I was informed by one of my students that she is allergic to my class.  Seriously, if I had made one decision differently this morning I might have been responsible for sending a student to the emergency room with a potentially life-threatening reaction.   Here is what happened…

Blog_01 – Geology 2012

Hello.  This is my first blog entry ever.

Today I want to share with you all the “innovative” and “essential” pedagogical techniques I hope to incorporate into my geology course during the fall 2012 term.  Of the topics covered by the six Essentials working groups at our recent faculty retreat, I will be employing five of these.  (Note, you could probably make a case for the sixth as well.)  At any rate, the five “essentials” that I plan on including are:

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